• Miriam C. Alvarez

To Whom It May Concern:

It is truly a pleasure and privilege to write this letter of commendation for Ray Castellanos, president of Authentic Construction.  A man which strives for excellence in all he represents.  An individual who constantly gives back to the community, through his charitable work. He believes everyone deserves a safe haven.  

I have been involved in the Building Industry for over 20 years. When my husband and I decided to build Our Home, I realized my experience would lead me to someone with Integrity, one who believed in True workmanship an individual who took pride in his work. Ray Castellanos had proven to be that person.

Coming from the Warranty Service sector of the industry, one has the opportunity to experience many different company policies. With Ray, if it did not satisfy him, it was not acceptable. The attention to detail makes him a True Builder at Heart. He has surrounded himself with like people. They are his first line of defense. Authentic Construction took on our project, and like many projects we had situations which arose, he and his team would identify the issue, parties involved and would be addressing them before we knew.

We had a great experience with the construction of our home. We felt comfortable and at ease with Authentic Construction throughout the process.   
Beyond doubt a Professional Builder…..

Miriam C. Alvarez

• Jim & Jorleen Aguiles

To the Authentic Team:

To say that our family is thrilled with the process and the end product is an understatement. Simply stated, we loved working with everyone at authentic and love our new home!

Your staff is more like family and it reflects on the pride and sincerity that is displayed by everyone. That same approach appears to be adopted by your core sub-contractors who were wonderful as well.

When you first took over the project, it had been lingering for over two years. You were able to resolve all the issues with the County, improve our architectural plans by working closely with our new architect and construct our home in a timely and efficient manner.

My wife would tease me that I had a "man crush" with Ray. Truth be told, I just admired him for his honesty, integrity and interpersonal skills.

I would be remiss not to give a special thank you to Cecil Ruiz and lsa Abreu. Both were a true pleasure to work with and were instrumental on making our home as beautiful as it turned out.

Again, our sincerest thank you for all you have done. Without any hesitation or reservation, we would recommend your services to anyone.

All the best!

Jim & Jorleen Aguiles

• Liana Cabrera

To Whom It May Concern:

Two years ago my family and I were quite worried about the obstacles that would arise with building a new home. Ray and his team never failed to remind us that they were beside us throughout the entire process. Authentic Construction’s work ethic, organization and efficiency made something that I personally thought would be a nightmare a wonderful and exciting experience.

Ray Castellanos is an incredible individual. He is an extremely hard worker who will not rest until he knows his work is done correctly and in a manner that he truly sees fit. With every conversation I had with Ray, I saw more and more of the quality of person he was and I was very happy to have someone like him working on my home.

Authentic Construction’s ability to keep everyone on the same page and communicate each step or decision in a manner that was clear to me allowed us to meet each milestone punctually. The professionalism found in this office is rare and impressive. I am truly impressed with the quality of individuals Ray has been able to fill his office with. It was a privilege to have worked with him and have built a relationship with him and his staff. Thanks to Authentic Construction I am now living in my dream house and my family could not be happier.

- Thank you Ray, Michelle, Isa, Ceci and everyone at Authentic for all your hard work!

Liana Cabrera

• Valerie Gammon

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written to express my utmost respect and admiration for Authentic Construction, one of the nation's most outstanding home builders and construction companies.

As a television professional I know that 'excellence is in the details', and Authentic Construction lives by the same motto. The staff's attention to detail is exemplified in every step of the design and the construction process. They leave no stone unturned and no creative opportunity unchallenged. They are highly professional and deliver nothing less than top of the line products and first class results. They are extremely thorough and resourceful and they always focus on successfully exceeding a client's expectations. They are in a class by themselves.

I wish everyone I know could experience what I call the "Authentic Construction Factor". If they could, they would want to show off their home my husband and I do!

Valerie Gammon

• Huberto E. Merayo, MD

To whom it may concern:

The present reference letter is without hesitation and of great pleasure. After years of unhappy dealings with different builders, and at a point of living with a generalized ill opinion of the individuals in the trade, I had the fortunate experience to complete my home with "NUMBER ONE, AAA CO": Authentic Construction. When you check their name, they seem new, when you know more, you realize the hundreds of years in expertise, qualifications and accomplishments which the team possesses. Nonetheless, there was a time when the group leader Ray Castellanos had to say no to my project for lack of time, he was building cities.

My recommendations are without reservations, and for professional-business purposes. Nevertheless I can't stop myself from adding that you will be dealing with incredible human beings in the personal and human levels. Whether you want to be involved in the project on a daily basis, or you are out and far away, there is always peace of mind and trust that the agreement is being honored, the project doesn't get detained and if any, it is advanced and properly attended.

Please do not hesitate to seek more details or to contact me if it is to validate my clear friends from Authentic. I'll be always available.

Yours truly,
Huberto E. Merayo, MD

• Toby & Kay Brigham

November 30, 2010
Dear Authentic Construction:

What a blessing our Lord gave to us when you agreed to serve as our contractor. Never have we been shown the interest and loving care to do it right and with the least trouble. The result is truly beautiful. Everyday Kay says "I love this house" and that thrills my heart.

Thank you for your skill and your friendship. May God bless you and your family. You serve Him well!

Sincerely Your Friends,
Toby & Kay Brigham

Comment by Toby P. Brigham:
Can do and does.
Experienced and expeditious.
Great team of sub-contractors- honorable and respectful all.
Beautiful workmanship and ends well.
Comment by Kay Brigham:
Ray Castellanos built and made a reality all that we envisioned for our remodeled house.
He listens well and is attentive to detail.
The authentic team took pride in the project and delivered superior workmanship. The job was well managed and proceeded without interruption to a successful conclusion.
What I especially admire about Ray is that his work is more than a job. It is a cause executed with mind and heart.

• Andres Bustillo, MD

I am extremely happy with my decision to have Authentic Construction remodel my condominium. I purchased my condominium in Tequesta 3 and had Ray Castellanos give me his opinion regarding remodeling it. Ray has an amazing ability to visualize and conceptualize spaces that is second to none! After speaking with me to understand what feel I wanted the apartment to take, he then proceeded to put his ideas on paper. He immediately knew what feel and look the apartment should take on. The project involved opening the entire space ( kitchen and living room ), a new kitchen, wood floors throughout, new doors, closets, millwork and many amazing details.    The authentic team then went to work on the apartment after quickly acquiring all the necessary permits. The job was completed on time, did not go over budget, and to exacting detail. The entire team really took an interest in the project and worked seamlessly to finish it. I would recommend Authentic without reservation.


Andres Bustillo, MD

• Debra A. Tyler, RP

To Ray Castellanos, President of Authentic Construction: What can I say…Thank you is not nearly good enough for everything you and your team have done for me over the past several months that we have worked together. When we first met to discuss my project not only did you promote all the professional benefits of working with your firm you also promoted a team effort, a real family environment. You were very detailed and explained everything I needed to know about the process. I was introduced to all the staff who I would eventually work with along the way and are all equally talented professionals who care about the clients and get things done. You made me feel like I was your most important client. My project was small in comparison to most of the projects you take on and it came with a lot of unexpected complications. You and your team went above and beyond to make sure all the huge issues were really minimized in my eyes to make the process so much easier to tolerate. You took care of things. That in and of itself was priceless. There won't be any other construction company that I recommend to anyone. Authentic Construction is really Ray and his team who I respect and trust with my eyes closed. Without everyone working together I would not have been able to complete this project. I am forever grateful for your kindness, professionalism, attentiveness, opinions, recommendations, and complete support of my project. To all of you at Authentic Construction…THANK YOU!

Best regards,

Debra A. Tyler, RP
Senior Vice President &
Managing Director
SunTrust Bank

• Hamed Rodriguez

February 05, 2011

Authentic Construction and their team are responsible and thorough. Their commitment to client satisfaction and meeting difficult deadlines are second to none. As an Architect I can appreciate Authentic Constructions ability to make difficult details and jobs come to life. They ask questions and find solutions. I would have Authentic Construction on all my projects if I could help it.


• Fernando & Olga Garcia Chacon

June 20, 2011

The house came out great and all thanks to you and your team. I will have no problem recommending you guys since your ethics, transparency, timeliness and professionalism are truly exemplary. It's very refreshing to see these attributes in an industry that unfortunately has a very mixed record, to say the least. Hopefully you will use us as a reference so that it will allow us to speak on how great you guys were.

Once again, Thank you!

Fernando & Olga Garcia Chacon

• Ed and Eliana Alonso

Authentic Construction provided the most professional and caring service one can expect from a contractor. They guided us through the architecture, permitting and building process with expert hands. Our home addition looks beautiful and has added value to our home. Both my wife and I wholeheartedly recommend Authentic Construction and its professional team to meet all of your construction needs. Our daughter will enjoy her new “playroom” and “bedroom” for years to come.

Ed and Eliana Alonso

• Alan & Alison Jorge

Dear Michelle,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beginning of summer.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank You, and Authentic Construction, for the wonderful remodeling job you did in my kid’s bedroom and bathroom just a few months ago.  

From start to finish, your construction team was clean and efficient.  But most importantly, they were all very professional

My house is old and has its issues; however, as challenges arose, each member did his job and did it well.  Considering I was 7 months pregnant, and needed the space, the job was done very timely and was reasonably priced.  I can honestly say that when the time comes to proceed with other projects in my home or my business, I know I can count on the members of Authentic Construction!

Many thanks for all your hard work.  I certainly wish You, Ray and your staff all the best for a successful future. 

Warm regards,

Alan & Alison Jorge
Home Owner J

• Edward Boshnick

February 10, 2011

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ray, Michelle, Isa and all the wonderful people at Authentic Construction for making my "dream" professional office a reality.

Before construction was started on my optometric office, I was very worried about the entire project. Ray and his organization relieved me of much of the worry. The entire construction process proceeded seamlessly. The finished product exceeded my expectations. For this I am very grateful.

With Warm Regards;

Edward Boshnick, O.D., F.A.A.O.

• The Smith Family

February 05, 2011
Ray and Authentic Team-

I have appreciated your expertise, guidance, and professionalism - from start to finish - throughout the entire process of building our new home. You and your staff have been very accommodating to the many demands(sometimes too many I admit!) we have placed on you during the process. But in the end we have the house we always wanted, the way we wanted it, and with you to thank for that. We wish all the best to you and Authentic!

The Smith Family

• Toni Pacelli-Hinkley

February 27, 2009

RE: Letter of referral for Ray Castellanos
To Whom It May Concern:
It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of referral for Mr. Castellanos. I have known him professionally as a colleague in our industry for over ten (10) years. Over that time, I have seen him grow from his involvement as a committee member to a leader in our association, and in our community.

Mr. Castellanos’ work speaks for itself. His attention to detail and to his clients’ needs is unparalleled. He is known for the quality of his work, his integrity, and his work ethic. He takes pride in whatever he does and is a self-imposed perfectionist, seeking to create the best outcomes possible for his clients within the parameters of the scope of services. Mr. Castellanos’ Curriculum Vitae illustrates his portfolio of work and his career development history. His body of work is impressive and substantial and so is the man behind it.

Mr. Castellanos is a leader in our industry and in our community. Mr. Castellanos has embraced the challenges of our industry, and demonstrated the leadership needed to overcome those challenges during good times and more difficult ones. He translates that leadership into his work ethic for his clients. He is currently serving on the Builders Association of South Florida’s Executive Committee as the Assistant Secretary.

Mr. Castellanos is trailblazing in his vision and in his actions. His empathy towards others, with fewer advantages than he has, is exemplified in his actions by founding The Estela Project and by service on the Board of Directors of the Doctor’s Hospital Foundation. He has developed a reputation for advocating for affordable housing and has put his sentiments into action in many volunteer situations at the county level and within his spiritual community.

Mr. Castellanos is a terrific role model for young men wanting a mentor in an industry traditionally dominated by men. He is the epitome of someone who can do it all – with his innate intelligence, his drive and determination, Mr. Castellanos is a formidable competitor, and community leader. He has earned the respect of his industry colleagues and is held in high esteem as a person of integrity and vision.

While most of my interactions with Mr. Castellanos have been on a professional level, I have had the privilege to meet his family and see him interact with his two young daughters, his wife and his parents. That entrée into his personal life has cemented my opinion of Mr. Castellanos as a genuinely involved parent who has been able to balance his life and work to the greater good of his family’s well being. He is amazingly focused and diligent in giving his best at all times. I can unequivocally state that Mr. Castellanos would be an asset to your development team and a great person to have as a builder for your vision and your needs.

I highly recommend Mr. Castellanos as your builder of choice. He is a man of the future, with an exceptional ability to make a difference in enhancing the quality of community spirit that so many others strive to achieve. It is that enhancement of bringing the quality and spirit of providing service and comfort to his clients that sets Mr. Castellanos apart from others in his field.


Toni Pacelli-Hinkley
Executive Vice President
Builders Association of South Florida